It all starts with an idea…

Each month we highlight a person or organization you think we should support. Send over suggestions on a person(s) or organization that we, as a community, can raise awareness, funds, volunteer and support by filling out the form below. Below are just a few of the wonderful organizations we have been able to work with.Want to join us? Check out our Facebook page on ways you can get involved and register for our monthly events: 


My Team Triumph West Michigan

Do you enjoy running in 5k’s or biking and swimming in triathlons? There are folks out there who don’t have the physical ability to do so, are you willing to be there arms and legs? We promise it is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.


HQ Homeless Youth Center

Sometimes volunteering is as simple as scrubbing toilets, dusting and vacuuming so that others can have a clean place to rest (and a huge shout out to those who were willing to get dirty with us). HQ provides resources and community to some of the most vulnerable members of our community. To learn more, check out:



Over 2,000 kids die every day from water born illnesses, over 600 million people lack access to clean water. We want to thank those who came together as a community to build water filters for a village in Rwanda. Small steps really do make a global impact. Learn more, join us, and support at

Henna Crowns of Courage

In memory of Lizz Joy Gram;

Cancer is an ugly beast that can do more than just physical harm. Amanda and her non-profit Henna Crowns of Courage are giving woman battling cancer a new sense of identity by showing them their inner beauty. We are so grateful to all of those who showed to help us make gift baskets for these wonderful women. To learn more about how you can support this wonderful organization, please visit:

Liz Crowns of Courage.jpg

Bethesda Farm!

This month, we built gardens, chopped wood, cleaned barns, and landscaped throughout the farm. Bethesda Farms provides a day-program facility for adults with mental disabilities where they get the opportunity to work, serve, and volunteer in the community (and play with lots of fluffy animals!). Please consider supporting this amazing organization and their work at:

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