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#21 Heather Morgan and Borrowed Heart

Heather Morgan shares with us a bit about the journey in writing songs for her new album, Borrowed Heart, as well as the opportunity to write for several country musicians across the country. Learn more about Heather and her new album at www.HeatherMorganMusic.com

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# 20 Dick Hoyt from Team Hoyt Foundation

One of my personal hero’s who has inspired me to do the impossible. Join us today to hear a message of inclusion from Dick Hoyt and helping is son overcome the difficulties of cerebral palsy as they have competed in races, like Ironmans, all over the world.

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# 19 Chelsea Nielsen - Abundance over Scarcity

From growing up with a single mom who had to file bankruptcy, to divorce, to working on super yachts, Chelsea shares with us her wisdom on how to live a life of abundance in a world that has trained us to only see scarcity.

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# 18 Ashton Gustafson on what's Good True and Beautiful

Today I get to interview the interviewer.. Ashton spends his spare time interviewing wisdom seekers for his podcast, Good True and Beautiful. I’m honored to be able to return the favor and invite Ashton to share some of his wisdom through his journey of burning out, getting sick, and redefining his story and place in this world. http://www.ashtongustafson.com/

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# 17 Aaron Niequist and The Eternal Current

Aaron shares with us his journey from being a spiritually bankrupt worship director to learning how to engage with those who have different viewpoints than your own. Join us as we discuss all of this and more with the release of his new book, The Eternal Current.


# 16 John Evans; Faith in the Presence of Compassion

Co-founder of Bethesda Farm, John Evans, shares with us his journey from a faith perspective on walking away from a life of financial abundance and stepping into a life of service with his wife and founder of the farm, Marcia Evans. Together they serve the needs of adults with mental challenges with the love and support of their community. For more information and to support their cause visit www.BethesdaFarm.org


#14 Leona Carter on Compassion as the Qualified Parent

Today we get to talk with author and speaker Leona Carter on her book "Because I Said So". As a mother of 8 (yes, 8!) we will discuss what compassion looks like in raising a child and how we define the term "qualified parent".

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#13 Amanda Gilbert is bringing beauty to caner

In memory of Lizz Joy Gram; please join us in making gift baskets for women fighting cancer with Amanda on September 12. For more information visit our facebook page. Cancer is an ugly beast that can do more than just physical harm. Amanda and her non-profit Henna Crowns of Courage are giving woman battling cancer a new sense of identity by showing them their inner beauty. Join us to hear about how you can support this amazing work in our community.