Workshops, coaching or speaking engagements 

From individual sessions to large corporate gatherings, these are designed to bring challenging dialogue to the table to reshape our viewpoints. With an emphasis on holistic companies and a holistic you, Changing Company wants to pave the way to say, “We can all do better, collectively”. 

All packages are money back guarantee. If for any reason you, your team, or your staff do not feel that the service provided was worth the value paid, you may adjust the cost of the package or request a full refund. Sliding scale options are available. For more information please fill out the submission form below.

Speaking engagement and consultation packages also available

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Leadership Packages:
+ One-on-One Coaching                                 
+ Leadership Team & Group Coaching                          

-5 sessions (individual or group)
-Self-Growth Kit provided: guided reflection work, books and journal
-Goals: create action plans to improve physical health, mental health and work-life balance. Diagnose areas of stress with concrete ways to address the issues. Work on interdisciplinary team plans to incorporate company growth models. This may include; ways to create ongoing channel feedback systems, proper ways to implement company transparency, define major employee and employer obstacles, set new company directions and missions statements, as well as implementation steps to create            Trickle-Out-Collaboration in the workplace.

Trickle-Out-Collaboration Seminars
+Company-Wide Seminar                  

-2 hour workshop
-Formatted as roundtable discussion, 20 minute intro, 3 – 25 minute “mini workshops”, and 15 minute ending Q&A
-Weathering Corporate Storm book and guided materials provided to all attendees
-Goals: Create action plans to improve work-life balance, address issues of employee and management concerns, define areas of self improvement and workplace collaboration and create social and mission goals for the company through the 10-step guide to Trickle-Out-Collaboration